The Express Network

About Us

Our Franchisees are fully trained professionals ensuring that all care is taken to do a complete clean of your windows and solar panels.  Your crystal clear windows will leave any visitors with positive first impressions, whilst your newly cleaned solar panels will increase in efficiency, saving your business or home in energy costs.

All Express Window Cleaners are:

  • Owner operators
  • Fully insured
  • Fully trained

Our System

At Express Window Cleaning we use water filtration and deionization equipment to leave your windows and solar panels streak and stain free.

There are no harsh chemicals used in cleaning your windows and panels!  Our operators all use the unique environmentally-friendly telescopic reach-and-wash cleaning system to ensure there is no damage to your windows or solar panels.  Through this state of the art equipment and our operator’s careful hands, you will experience a scratch-free and crystal clear result every time.

Why we use Deironized water over regular tap water:

  • Deironized water does not contain minerals like regular water does. It is these minerals that lead to those annoying watermarks when dried!  Through the use of deironized water, Express Window Cleaners will leave your windows and panels streak free and crystal clear!
  • The removal of the minerals in deironized means that it is like a magnet for dirt and grime. The deironized water’s ability to attract dirt eliminates the need for chemical cleansers
  • Due to the lack of need for chemical cleaners, the use of deionized water is an environmentally-friendly alternative
  • Deionized water is more cost effective because it requires no chemicals – these savings then get passed on to you through lower price points!

We are so confident that our Express Window Cleaning operators will leave your windows and solar panels spotless that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  

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