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Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers Say:

Solar panel manufacturers confirm that cleaning and continual inspection of the panels on a regular basis will improve electrical output.  Additionally, the cleaning and maintenance will also ensure that you don’t void your warranty.

Manufacturers now recommend the inspection and thorough clean of your panels every 6 months, and even more regularly in highly contaminated areas.  Our trained Franchisees will complete your service efficiently and on-time ensuring that we have your solar panels operating to their full capacity!

Our service ensures:

  • It is 100% environmentally friendly
  • There is no use of chemicals/ detergents
  • A minimum water usage
  • There is no effect on attached rain water catchment

They said that our solar panel system was maintenance free

Yes, they were correct however your panels get dirty over time.  This will affect the efficiency of the panels and lower the capability of the panels to capture sunlight.  This can lead to an unnecessary rise in power consumption!

Won’t the rain keep the panels clean?

Rain will remove some of the loose dust and loose dirt; however other items such as bird droppings, embedded dirt, environmental debris, and mineral residue will require thorough cleaning to be successfully eliminated.

Can’t I just use tap water to clean my panels?

Normal tap water has between 100 – 200 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).  Express Window Cleaning uses filtered and deionized water that has a 000 TDS which gives a spot free finish.  No detergents or chemicals are used, so your rainwater supply or the environment will not be affected.

Can’t I just do it myself?

You probably could do it yourself, however you would likely be using equipment and water that could damage your panels and leave streaks and residue that will continue to affect the panels’ efficiency. Not to mention that you could put yourself in danger if you are on your roof when cleaning the panels or high windows.

Can I see a result?

Once the panels have been cleaned you will immediately notice an increase in efficiency if you watch your inverter! As for your windows, we guarantee that they will be left streak free and spotless.

What effect will cleaning my panels have on my warranty?

All warranties require regular maintenance and inspections of your panels and must be carried out by a professional tradesman.