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Solar Panel and Window Cleaning Mango Hill

Getting the most out of your solar panels is achieved in three stages. First, the uncontrollable forces of nature: hours and intensity of sunlight exposure in your area. Secondly, the one-time initial optimisation of your panel array: setting the tilt, orientation and placing during installation. Once your system is installed, the only stage you have on-going control over is cleaning. A lot of airborne particles such as dirt, dust, pollen and more build up on panels over time, and when coupled with leaves and bird droppings can cut sunlight exposure by as much as 30%.

Are your windows ready to be shown off this festive season? Be it Santa, family, or those people who show up for a NYE party that you ‘really’ had *NO* idea was happening, let your windows impress. Give us a call today and let us take care of the hard part!


At Express Solar Panel and Window Cleaning Mango Hill, we understand how important an investment like solar panels are to our customers and this is why we use filtered soft water and a safe, bio-degradable cleaning agent with no ammonia to clean and maintain solar panels and windows. Our soft water has gone through a process to remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions. Combined with our cleaning agent, it leaves your panels and windows shining clean without leaving streaks, spots or harmful chemicals.

We have many services: Cleaning of solar panels (including solar hot water heaters), Windows (interior and exterior), glass pool fences, louvres and fly screens. Highset house? Hard to reach windows? Commercial shopfront? Not a problem.

I am proud to offer 30% off flyscreen cleans with a window clean package – valid until end of October 2014. Also, 25% off all extra services with a solar panel or window clean package (minimum costs apply) – valid until end of October 2014
Until the end of October, all retirees will receive an additional 5% off all services on top of our regular 10% retiree discount. Book now for your 15% saving!

Express Solar Panel and Window Cleaning Mango Hill service North Lakes, Mango Hill and Deception Bay homes and businesses.

With my background, which has included running pubs, bowls clubs and my own brick laying business, I have developed the skills and attitude it takes to deal with people in a way that makes them confident about me and the services Express Solar Panel and Window Cleaning Mango Hill provide. I believe that getting the job done as promised leads to your satisfaction, something that is not only important to me personally, but vital to my small local business. So if you see me around, don’t hesitate to give me a shout, I’m always happy to chat.