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Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney

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Do you really need to clean your solar panels?

Over time, a build up of grime, bird droppings, dirt, fungus, staining and bacteria can reduce your solar panel efficiency by 30%. Through maintaining clean solar panels you will increase their function, meaning less energy is used to create the same output of electricity. Regular maintenance can end up saving you thousands.

Why choose Express Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney?

  • Pure H2O methods (de-ironized water) = No chemical runoff into tanks
  • No squeegees on solar panels
  • FREE Quotes
  • Easy payment methods
  • Fully insured

Available throughout Sydney and surrounding suburbs, contact Express Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney for a professional clean.

Call 1300 EXPRESS! That’s 1300 397 737!

Save money on your energy bill this year by keeping your solar panels clean with Express Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney!

 Express Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney specialise in professional chemical free solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

Don’t leave your investment in the hands of inexperienced cleaners. At Express Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney, you can rest assured that your solar panels are cleaned to a professional standard without using panel damaging abrasives, squeegees or chemicals. Express Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney use a special filtration system that removes any impurities from the water source and ensures a spot and streak free finish every time.